Monday, April 04, 2005

Wig Time

I’ve been without a perm for about four months now. I did the official and final big chop back in March. The perm was just too unbearable to manage anymore. It tangled up and broke off like crazy. There was a small patch near the left front side where all of the permed hair broke off down to the new growth. After I let my hairdresser cut my hair for the last time, I let her give me a quick weave. What the hell was I thinking!! All that glue on my hair was a disgusting mess to have to wash out. I wasn’t thrilled about the additional hair loss either. With the big chop I’m now down to an inch of hair so I need all of the hairs on my head.

What am I to do now? I never had any intentions of sporting my fro this time around. This is strictly a transitional phase until I take the big plunge with the locs. I’ve been doing some research on various loc methods, how to care for them, etc, etc. I’ve come to the conclusion my hair is way to short for me to do anything with locing right now. My intention at this time is to maintain them myself. So I’ve made the decision to sport a wig for the first time ever!

I called my best friend and asked her to go wig shopping with me. I already knew of a wig shop around the corner from me so I decided to make that my first stop. I tried on several wigs and they didn’t do much for me. As I kept looking around for more options, I found a cute, short, copper and dark brown flipped wig. After trying it on, it was the one for me. I paid for it and wore it out the store.