Monday, November 20, 2006

Out of Sweater Retirement

I can't be 100% sure, but I do believe this sweater may have been a major cause of the lint build up in a couple of my locks at the nape of my neck. That happened eight or nine months ago and I am still just a wee bit traumatized. In my obsessive efforts to avoid future lint buildups which included many of Leighann's suggestions, I had to retire this sweater to the drawer for many many months. But when the lint topic surfaced again on LockItUp, I made a mental note of the suggestion to wear the locks up when you want to wear "lint breeding" sweaters or fabrics. Now that the chilly temps are back, I couldn't avoid my sweater any longer. Putting my locks up in the back was perfect. I can have my sweater...and wear it too!

Addendum - 11/28/2006
locizm said...
my locs are not long enough yet but thanks for re-posting the suggestions on how to stay away from lint. Oh, and I must say your sl's rock!

When I saw this comment, I knew that it is worth an addendum. As I continue on my loc stalking, I'm starting to see soooo many ladies start with their TWA's and I just feel so proud of you all : ) So for the record: your locks are never too short to attract lint build up. Actually Locizm, my locks were about the same length as yours are now when I got my lint episode.

It doesn't matter what your length is or what your hair texture is - nobody is immune. Just stay proactively attentive, and you'll be just fine!

Monday, November 13, 2006

More Buddies in the Flesh

When Paulette told me she was having a second Sisterlock Meet & Greet, I told her I had to invite my blog buddies in the area. I was doing cartwheels when both Ree-C and Tnappykinky said they could attend. Once again, I was feeling like Miss Celie--reunited with my long lost sisters. Ree-C is so pretty and sweet beyond words. Tnappykinky is so lovely and full of so much energy. She had everybody rolling on the floor laughing. Thanks again ladies. It was my pleasure to meet you both! Additional pics in my Fotki album as well.

I Had a Ball Yall

Whenever I get the opportunity to fellowship with other Sisterlocked ladies and friends, it is a real special treat. Paulette hosted her 2nd Sisterlock Meet & Greet and I had such a wonderful time. Thanks Paulette!