Tuesday, March 25, 2008

People Say the Darnest Things

As I've journeyed with my Sisterlocks over the past 31 months, I thought it would be fun to share some of my most memorable comments regarding my locks. They are not in any particular order with the length of my hair. I've wrote them down randomly.

  • Look at those beady beads.
  • Excuse me, are those Sisterlocks?
  • You have Sisterlocks, no wonder they look like that.
  • I didn't like them when you first got them done, but I like them now.
  • I ran into a girl who has small corporate locks just like yours.
  • You should keep them that length because when people let them get too long, that doesn't look good.
  • You have Sisterlocks? (dumbfounded look).....oh.
  • I can't believe you and your momma are going all the way to Detroit to get that shit put in yall's head. I'm tired of looking at the back of yall's head.
  • Even though those may look good on you and all, sister girl, we need to find you another hairstyle.
  • Your hair looks so pretty!
  • I guess you don't have beady beads no more.
  • If you don't have time to condition your hair after you wash it, then you shouldn't be washing it. Your hair may look healthy, but it doesn't feel healthy.
  • So who cut your hair into that style?
  • She paid a lot of money to have her locks look like this.
  • Girl, you look like a million bucks!

Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Packing for Atlanta

I am ever so excited. Next month mother and I are heading to Atlanta for Paulette's meet & greet on April 26th and the Natural Hair Show April 27th - 28th. I'd love to meet some fellow blog buddies so do tell if you are available and would like to meet up.

Yours truly

Tuesday, March 04, 2008

Wrapaloc Set

My wrapalocs orders consisted of 4 medium packs, 2 small packs and the instructional DVD. I washed my hair and then blow dryed it a little. Instead of a deep condition, I opted to use the SL cream moisturizer on each section of hair. I did NOT use any setting gel, foam or spray. I used about 35 small tools and 18 medium tools. To save time, I purposely used about 7-8 locks per tool with the exception of the front. Whether I actually saved time or not is definitely up for debate. I would say I spent about an hour putting the tools in. Another 20 minutes was spent gawking in the mirror and saying to myself, "What are you doing? This doesn't look anything like the instructions." So out the window went the benefit of not being able to see the tools in the hair.

I contemplated wearing a covering on my head the next day. But I played with the sections some more until my hair had more of a bantu knot look. Since under normal circumstances I don't know how to create bantu knots, I was perfectly fine with this look.

My co-workers sure know how to make a gal feel special. The compliments kept pouring in and I believe they thought the tools were some sort of hair ornaments. But since I was too self-conscious about the tools showing, I only wore them in for 1 day. When I took them out the next day, below is the result. Not bad for somebody who didn't follow directions.

So after all is said is done, is wrapalocs worth the money? I'll put it this way....
YES - if you love your soft spikes curler set but wish the curls would last a week or two longer.
NO - if you complained your soft spikes set was too curly and you purposely went out of your way to make the curls looser.

Pictured above, the curls have fallen after about 4 days. Since I don't see myself using the recommended 3 locks per tool right now, I am perfectly happy with my results. I'll reserve this for use in the future as my hair gets longer. However, I will strive to hide the tools more in the front next time so that I'll feel more comfortable wearing the bantu knot look a few more days.