Thursday, December 06, 2007

Loving Accessories

Greetings everyone!! Length + maturity = I really get to enjoy my accessories to the fullest. Pictured above I'm wearing the Betty Davis Tomoka Twist. Sensational is all I have to say about this collection. As a matter of fact, it describes all of the pieces on the site. More sets are definitely in my future.

Below are a few pics of me wearing my Loc Soc. A different variation of how I wore it here in the summer. Versatility is so great.

As for washing, I took advantage of Chosenvessel's Komaza product post by going to the site and purchasing a few samples of the shampoo with emu and tea tree oil. Since it helps alleviate the itching and dandruff, I've splurged on a full bottle purchase. I have absolutely nothing against the Nizoral, but I would like to stick with natural remedies if possible. I will admit that I really don't look forward to washing my hair anymore. But that's just another one of the growing pains I guess.

At first I just knew I would keep growing my hair until I could at least sit on it. Strictly from a maintenance perspective, that probably won't happen. I'm pretty confident no hair cuts up until I hit my 4th year. After that, I'll just have to go with whatever feelings are driving me when that point in time gets here. In the meantime, I'll keep looking at Audrey's gorgeous Sisterlocks to help keep me motivated.

Self-retightening is still in the works. Despite the $250 for the SL training, I definitely have no regrets on taking the class in July of this year. Initially it's tedious but still liberating. Life happens and you never know when a situation is going to arise prompting you to have to give it a go yourself. My first try was over 30 hrs, the second was in the neighborhood of 20. I only have ambitions to get down to 10-14. In a couple of weeks, I'll have another try to see how close I come to getting there.

Class or no class, knowing that you can touch up your locks if needed is truly no understatement.