Saturday, October 15, 2005



Times certainly have brought about a change
And to a few it might seem strange
Black women are soaring with ambition
No more barefoot, pregnant, and in the kitchen
And she’s not slaving like an ox
Have you seen her image on the pancake box?
Purse full of credit cards, fancy car
And the girl ain’t even a movie star

Not long ago, I was on the bus
Eating fried chicken from “The Colonel”
Looking at a girlie magazine and full of lust
Sitting next to a sister reading a “Wall Street Journal”

I said, “Pardon me baby, where are you on your way?
I would like to know your name if that’s okay
Your perfume I surely adore-
I believe we met somewhere before!”

She says, I’m on my way downtown to City Hall
I must chair a council meeting and that’s not all
Then I’m off to the United Nations-
To advise on a classified situation

Sorry, but I fail to remember you-
Were you ever in Sudan or Istanbul?
Or perhaps it was Rome, England, or by chance-
It was Chad, Morocco or Paris, France

You see, I’m multi-lingual and travel a lot-
And the universe is my melting pot
But, once a month I take the bus-
Just my way of staying in touch
Nefertiti is my name,
and universal peace is my game

I attended Benedict College in South Carolina and
earned MY Bachelor Degree
Then I went to Fisk and received MY Masters in
Nashville, Tennessee
At Howard University in Washington, D.C.-
That’s where I earned MY Ph.D

I have offices in Dallas, Chicago, and Mexicana-
A penthouse in New York and a home in Atlanta
I play the harp-And pilot a jet-
Now tell me brother, where do you think we met?”

I rung the bell-Got up and left-
Aunt Jemima done got besides herself!

Saturday, October 01, 2005

Tonic for Dandruff

That's it. I could not take the itching and dandruff anymore. I knew that oils are a no no. So for the first month or so after washing, I would do an apple cider vinegar soak for 30 minutes and then rinse it all out. I could tell it was helping, but the stinging on my scalp was insane. Finally, I went to the recipe page on Loc It Up and found a recipe I absolutely love. Because I'm still in the early stages of locing, I only use the tonic once or twice per retightening session. I get my hair tightened every 7-8 weeks. The tonic smells wonderful, softens my locs, and the itching and dandruff is diminishing.

Tonic for Dandruff

Essential oils can be used in a base of distilled water to
provide a hair tonic for various uses. Here is a tonic that
will help control dandruff if used several times a week.
You will need:

1 1/2 cups distilled water (or rosewater)
Witch hazel (available at most drugstores)
3 teaspoons of cider vinegar
Oil of Lavender
Oil of Rosemary
Oil of Tea Tree

Mix the water, 1/4 cup of the witch hazel, the cider
vinegar, six drops each of the lavender and rosemary oils,
and three drops of the tea tree oil in a glass bottle.
Shake this well and apply it to your wet or dry hair
several times a week. Massage the tonic into your scalp.
You do not have to rinse your hair afterward.