Friday, July 29, 2005

Consultation #2

Well I’m on a new mission to find somebody to do my Sisterlocks. But so far no luck. Even my mother has joined the search party for me. She talked to a co-worker of hers who said she would do them for $40 or something like that. Thanks but no thanks! I told my mother she obviously has no idea what Sisterlocks involve to quote a ridiculous price like that and this is not the time for me to be a guinea pig. So I did another search on Google and came across a particular ad for Locks4Life. I clicked on the site and I was pretty impressed. The consultant had several photos of her clients. Her mission to showcase the meticulousness of her parting was stunning! I was sold. My gut told me I just found my hair savior. Oh, there’s one catch…she’s in Detroit. But her pricing couldn’t be beat. Hell, the price of my lock install and travel expenses was still way under $450. I made the call, scheduled my appointment and the rest is history.

Friday, July 22, 2005

Almost Sisterlocks

I took a half day off at work for my Sisterlocks installation. I was so excited that today was going to be the big day. Unfortunately, I was running a bit late leaving work and I had to stop at the bank first to get the money for my hair. Because I was running late, I locked my car keys inside of the car trying to hurry up. I didn’t realize this until after I made my withdrawal and was unable to find my car keys before leaving the bank. When I got to my car, sure enough, the keys were still in the ignition. Well I was really going to be late for my Sisterlock appointment now. So I called my consultant to let her know I was going to be late. She tells me that she is in the middle of installing somebody else’s locks and she would not be able to get to me until the next day. I couldn’t believe it. I made my appointment with her 2 weeks ago, took some time off work, and now locked my keys inside my car trying to make the appointment. Out of desperation I guess, I agreed to be postponed until the next day. Since my mother has my spare car key, I called her so she could bring it to the bank. Thank God she was at home. She’s been doing a lot of college preparation shopping for my sister.

So while I had to wait for my mother, the sun was really beating down on me. The more I waited in that hot sun, the madder I got about this entire situation. That consultant gave away my appointment. She tried to explain that she tried to call me earlier in the week but wrote down the wrong number. She was charging me $450 for 2 inches of hair and bumps my appointment!!! Enough is enough. At that moment, I decided I was not going to have her do my hair the next day. Desperate or not, this was too unprofessional for me. What goes around comes around – I didn’t even bother with a cancellation call.

PS – the next day she left me a message in the morning. She was running late for the appointment. God Help Me!

Wednesday, July 13, 2005

Consultation #1

I searched for a certified consultant in Cleveland on the official Sisterlocks site, but the only one listed said she wasn’t taking any new clients. What a bummer. Then I looked over the trainee page and wrote down a few names. I left a few messages but I didn’t get any responses. I made another call to a consultant and got a live voice. I asked various questions and she seemed pretty informative. We set a meeting date for a formal consultation a few days later.

I showed up for the consultation. She worked at a hair salon which I thought was cool. I was a bit uneasy about somebody working from out of his or her house. The salon was setup such that my consultant had a closed off room to do hair and be separated from the hating perm heads. Even though I thought $450 was a bit pricey for my hair length of 2-3 inches, I went on ahead and scheduled an official Sisterlock installation.