Wednesday, October 15, 2008

3 Years Plus a Few Updates

Hello, hello, hello!! I know I've been MIA for several months now. But from what I can see, all is well with everyone. So this is good. I will let this post serve as my anniversary, tagged, life updates and whatever else I suppose.

  • In early June I moved from my apartment in the city to an apartment in the burbs. Since I had lived in my old place for 9 years, I had a lot of junk to keep/donate/trash. Shopping for new furniture was a blast of course.

  • August marked my 3 Year milestone with Sisterlocks. Yippee!! Seems like it took long enough. I kinda miss the short hair, but I really really miss the low maintenance of the short lock days.

  • Guess who is now 4 months pregnant. There must have been too much celebrating going on in the new apartment. I don't know if it's a boy or girl yet. But I'm too anxious to find out. I was blessed with no morning sickness and cravings for cheeseburgers and General Tso's chicken.

  • I can't stand the weight gain. All of my hard work from Weight Watchers is gone, gone, gone.

  • Right before I found out I was pregnant, I agreed to go and work for a different department at my job.

  • So with a new apartment, new department at work and new life growing inside of me...I hope I've stated my case as to why I've been MIA from blogging. Can we say, "Life Comes At You Fast!!"

  • So in a nutshell - I'm thrilled, scared, and nervous all in one. It's in God's hands. C'est la vie. Wish me luck.


Bougie said...

Congratulations and enjoy every minute of all of your accomplishments :)

sunsail said...

Good lord, Good!! I've missed you!! COngratulations on, well, everything!! You're gonna be a mommy, how wonderful!

And your hair, of course, looks fabulous!!

N'Drea ~ the Storyteller said...

*screams with joy*

SOOOO glad you're back. Loving, simply loving the hair and the LENGTH!!! I see joy all over you. You're radiant. Congrats on the 3-year milestone. Congrats on the new apartment. Congrats, especially, on the new life within you.

Girl, change is good, and I'm thrilled for all the great things that have been happening to you. Yaaay you.

Bless up, mi sistren. :D

Alaiyo said...

Awwwwwww, your hair looks lovely and congratulations on the new life growing inside of you, as a matter of fact, congratulations on the new everything!

Naturally Free said...

Congrats on your new job, the baby and your new apartment. God bless! Your blog was the first one that I came across and was very encouraging for me to get my sister locks!

*Coop* said...

Wooooohoooooo!! Congrats on everything!

Cluizel said...

WOW! Congrats with everything! Thanks for the update

Quietspirit said...

Glad to see you are doing well. Congrtulations! congratulations! congratulations! The locks are looking good!

NappTown said...

Girl your hair is looking good. Congrats on EVERYTHING! God is blessing you so savor every moment. It is so good to hear from you and know that you are doing well. Stay blessed! :-)

Cashana said...

Congratulations! Your hair looks great. Glad you posted b/c I was still checking every week for a picture or something. Again, congrats!

Brown ButtahFly said...

Hey Girl
It is so good to hear from you glad to know all is well.
Congratulations on everything, I first found out about the baby news when you posted on Detra's blog but I wanted to wait until you updated all of us. Anyhow your hair looks great it has grown so much, especially since I first met you in 06 (blogland)! Keep in touch and take care!

Oh yeah it's me Sistalocd, I have changed my name to Brown Buttahfly

Lalaboobaby said...

Wow your locks look fab, and congrats on everything that God is blessing you with.

still waters said...

yipeee, Congratulations you look radiant. I was doing my regular checks too and I am so happy you did this update. Enjoy every moment you deserve it (:

continue to be blessed (:
one love still

ps I hope it is a girl (:

muslimahlocs said...

congratulations @ your pregnancy. that is indeed exciting news! motherhood is the greatest joy of my life and i hope that it brings you tremndous happiness and many blessings. you look phenomenal.

QueenLi said...

I'm glad all is well with you. Your hair looks nice, very NICE! :)

I just past one year with my new braids. {minus the ext.} I hope to have updates soon.

Take Care~

Mel said...

Congratualtions on everything!

CarmenNC said...

WOW! Congratulations. You have been blessed in so many ways. If it's a girl - Sisterlocks. If it's a boy - Brotherlocks. Wishing you a happy, healthy baby. WOW!

brunsli said...

Talk about updates! Wow!

Congratulations. :) I wish you all the best, with your apartment, job, and of course, upcoming baby!

(It almost goes without saying that your hair looks great too.)

Goodnapps said...

Bougie> Thanks so much hon. I will definitely try.

Sunsail> Thanks girlie. I've missed you and everyone else too Thanks for the compliments.

Ndrea> Thanks so much girl. I've you too and am sorry for your recent loss. It's good to see you are bouncing back. Again, thanks so much.

Alaiyo> Thank you so much lady. Hope all is well with you.

Naturally Free> Oh thank you so much!! It always makes me feel extra special to know I've had an influence with someone getting Sisterlocks.

Coop> Thanks so much girlie. Hope all is well with you and whatever you decided with school.

Cluizel> Thanks girlie. If only knew how long I threatened myself to do one.

Quietspirit> Thank you so much my dear. Hope all is well with you too!! You looked great at the last Phili gathering.

Napptown> Thanks so much lady. I will definitely do just that.

Cashana> Thanks so much. And to think I was worried everyone had moved along on their merry way with my blog. Thanks for keeping in touch.

Brown Buttahfly> Oh girl, I know who you are. It's so funny how I thought of you when I made my weight gain statement. I was thinking I better a marathon after labor to get back in shape.
Thanks so much for the compliments. This blogging thing lasted way longer than I could have ever predicted.

Goodnapps said...

Lalaboobaby> Thanks you so much for the kind compliments. I am thankful indeed.

Still Waters - Thanks so much hon. I hope all is well with you too. Tell mom I said hello.

Muslimahlocs - Thanks so much. This is a glorious time indeed. I will admit it took many many moons for me to feel this way about being a mommy. But I'm glad I'm happy and looking forward to it.

Queenli - Thank you so very much. Congrats on your one year and looking forward to your update. Try to make it before March since that's when I'm due.

Mel - Thank you so much and congrats to you too!

CarmenNC - Thank you so much ma lady. You are so right. I have so much to be thankful for. I am counting my lucky stars for sure.

Brunsli - Thank you so much deary. I'm glad all is well with you too. Tell mom I said hello.

Anonymous said...

WOAH!!! So much awesomeness has occurred with you these last several months. Congratulations! & Happy Anniversary!!!

ja stu sisterlock journey said...

So good to hear from you, congrats on all the good things happening in your life at this time.
Your hair looks fabulous, take good care of yourself.

God bless you.

DiVA_La Reine said...

Now that is an update. Congrats on everything! Your hair is fierce, I want your mom says pregnancy makes your hair grow like wild so imagine in 5 mths.

blackrussian said...

OMG! SO many changes!! I hate coming so late in the comment line, 'cause it's all like, 'what she said....'

Girl, you know I was missing you too and hoping you were alright and the only reason you were away was that you were busy.

And you were busy in more ways than one!

Congratulations on the new home and job. I am sure you are going to be a fabulous mommy - and yes, your locks are gorgeous.

Aya said...

Lady, you are truly glowing!!! You look great, and you locks are just beautiful as usual. Are you experiencing a growth spurt of your locks since the pregnancy? Congratulations to you.

dewdrop said...

Lots of growth! You look great.

lashaune said...


Sister-in-Locks said...

Misssed your posts. Even though I have turned into a lurker pretty much. Lot's of good stuff. Congratulations on the baby and the other news. How's the investment strategy going in this economy?

And you hair... simply marvelous.

Chosen Vessel {Abena} said...

Ahhh...Tanya, congratulations MOMMIE!!!!

BTW- I love your hair long :)

Anonymous said...

Hey girl!!! You have been missed. Look at you "all grows up now"...Congratulations and God Bless!

Ree-C said...

Congratulations! I wish you the best. It has been a while, but I wanted to check in for you. Good Luck on everything.

Linda said...

Girllll, I understand why you have been MIA!!! You've had a lot on your plate. Congratulations on the baby, new apartment and new job position. I'm sure you'll be a fantastic mom. I'll be keeping you in prayer as you prepare for this new phase in your life. By the way your locks look wonderful. I must admit I'm having a little lock envy. They will really take off with the pregnancy!!!

Goodnapps said...

Meikmeika> Thank you so much! I guess maybe that's just how it is with me it seems. When I get my highs, they come all at once and when I get my down, they come all at once.

Ja Stu> Thank you so much my dear and I will certainly do my best.

Diva_La Reine> Thank you so much. Not so sound ungrateful, but I'm actually not looking forward to any extra hair growth from pregnancy. I really can't afford to pay somebody to retighten me every 4 weeks and Lord knows the chance of me doing it myself is slim pickens.

Blackrussian> Oh you're never too late in my book. LOL - yeah I guess I was busy in more ways than one. Thanks so much for all the well wishes and compliments. I'll have to stop by and see how your business is coming along.

Aya> Thank you so much. I thought my hair was growing at it's usual pace but Paulette swears there was more than the norm.

Dewdrop> Thank you so much. Wish I had the energy to steal some of your great hairstyles.

Lashaune> Why thank you so much girlie. I guess you think you are grown now running off and getting married. I know I'm not in any position to be lecturing. Congratulations to you as well.

Goodnapps said...

Sister-in-locks> Thanks lady. I've missed your postst too. Everybody's for that matter. I guess life has taken toll on all of us in some form or fashion.

As for the investment strategy. It hasn't turned out like I would have hoped just yet. I know for a fact, the downfall was due to my own shortcomings and nothing to do with the economy. Savvy investors know that you make money when the market is up, down and sideways.

I was set on trying to be a "fast money trader" and paid the price for it. I've now been blessed with a new strategy I am in the process of using that requires a lot more patience. I only wish I had thought of it just 30 days ago!!

But I've now vowed to be happy with incremental gains vs fast money so that I will have a cushion to enjoy my maternity leave and continue reaching for early retirment in the future!!

Thanks so much for asking.

Chosen Vessel> Thank you so much. I'm still trying to adjust to the length. And of all people - I'm starting to see scissors in my future. In two years or so of course.

Tra> Thanks dear. I don't know what I'm going to do with myself anymore.

Ree-C> Oh thanks girl. It's always a pleasure hearing from you. I guess I can't pay you to do an update. But your new profile pic looks awesome.

Linda> Oh thank you so much dear. No need for lock envy, you locks look fab. Thanks so much for the prayers as I know I need every single one.

Naturally Sophia said...

Wow! That's so very much. I didn't even realized you had posted. Congrats and thanks for updating. Your locks are so cute and I know everything will work out for the best.

Jenn said...

You look sooo precious and oh my gosh !!! Congrats on baby.. Yeah, nothing but locks in the future of the girl/boy!!! Lol

I will continue to keep you in my prayers !!! I am too excited....


Sl'd 24months

S0uthernGirl said...

Wow, congrats one everything! You look radiant in your pic.

Goodnapps said...

Naturally Sophia - Thank you so much. I am definitely staying positive.

Jenn - Thanks so much Jenn. I'm undecided on the locks though. But we'll see.

Southerngirl - Thank you so much.

cheleski said...

wow! congratulations on so many things. look like life is full for you. blessings

cheleski said...

ps dont forget to update with my new blog address!

Naseema said...

Goodnapps you were truly missed!!! Congrats on the new arrival! Stay stress free and blessed.

Nappy Ole Me said...

Congratulations. I can't think of anything more exciting than new things... new apartment, new position, and a new baby. WOW, God is truly amazing, huh? Just watch how fast your hair will grow now that you are having a baby. You'll be shocked. Congrats again!!

Aundrea said...

I see that I am late now, but I want to congratulate you on your wonderful news and to tell you your hair looks great!! I'm so excited for you!!!

3girlsmomma said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
3girlsmomma said...

Congrats, Goodnapps on ALL THE MANY things NEW and exciting goin' on in your life right now!! WOW!!

Take care of yourself!! Say, congrats to your mom for me as well!

Happy Holidays and an OUTSTANDING 2009!!

Jena Evans said...

Happy Holidays and have a great 2009!!!!

Goodnapps said...

Chel - hey girlie. Full indeed.

Naseema - Thank you so much. I will try but it's not always so easy as you know.

NOM - yes, you said it.

Aundrea - thank you so much. Never late in my book.

3GM - thanks so much. Hope all is well with you too.

Jen - Happy new year to you too!! So good to hear from ya.

Anonymous said...


I have enjoyed reading your blog over the years and just wanted to congrats on your current + future blessings,


Shanessence said...

I'm late but wanted to say congrats!!! You must be due soon...keep us posted on the little one and on life as you can. :)

Chocolocs said...

I hate being the last to congratulate you on your new apartment, job and baby.

But the blessing is that I may be the FIRST to congratulate you on the birth of your baby.

Well . . . I think I might be just a little bit early!!! Pregnancy really becomes you!!! You look great!

Take care!

Goodnapps said...

Anon - thank you so much!! I'm glad you were able to find it helpful.

Shan - Thank you so much. The bun is still in the over as yet, but time is definitely winding down.

Chocolocs - Why thank you so much. As I've told many before, you're never late in my book. D-day is definitely very near.

Maryee said...

Hey girl,

Trying to catch up since I only have a few days off til it's back to the teaching grind. Looking good, as usual!!!!

Goodnapps said...

Thanks Maryee!

WonderWoman said...

Gorgeous hair!