Thursday, July 17, 2014

Nine Year Anniversary

After nine years, still just as in love with my Sisterlocks as day one!! Not counting that I combined about a hundred locks four years ago and the length has made me lazier than ever. Not feeling scissor happy at the moment. So for now, feeling just fine.


3girlsmomma said...

Heeeeey, Goodnapps! Your SL's are glorious. You look well.

You did it... you're in the hair-down-to-there club... CONGRATS!!

I, however, at my 9th year have cut my SLs into a Bob AND have gotten copper highlights. #fancy still #Sisterlock'd4LIFE, though.

Cheleski of The Knotty Truth said...

whoa!! you didn't tell me!!! this is amazing. you are inspiring me all over again!!! :) how you dealing with them..regimin/ baby/ heaviness…..??

NubianLockedPrincess said...

Nice to see you back! your locs are beautiful! Thanks for sharing your progress with us!

Goodnapps said...

3GM - Hey girlie. Hope all is well with you. I think a bob is fab!

Chel - Hello my deary. Hope all is well with you. The length is fine and not heavy. Can be hot in the summer. So sad it has made me lazier than ever.

NLP - Hi dear. Thanks so much. Hope all is well with you.